Position Statements

ACUBE Statement on Diversity and Equity in Biology Education 

The Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE) recognizes the fundamental importance of equity and inclusion in Biology and other academic fields. Justice demands equal access for all students and would-be students of the life sciences, as well as that instructors and practitioners enact curricula and conduct their scientific endeavors in ways that are maximally inclusive. Biology informs us that the resilience and adaptability of populations of organisms as well as the ecosystems in which they live hinges upon diversity within those systems. The same is true for academic communities, wherein the multiple perspectives of people from differing backgrounds contributes to creativity in approaching problems and interpreting data, and serves to check assumptions and biases based on narrow-minded thinking. 

ACUBE stands with our fellow scholarly organizations for biology education in our commitment to diversity and equity in the life sciences, including the National Association of Biology Teachers statement on Equity in Science Education and the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research statement on Solidarity with the Black Community. Members of marginalized groups deserve to feel safe no matter where they are, and they deserve to feel welcome and valued in our classrooms, laboratories, and field research sites. ACUBE is committed to striving toward better understanding of how we can foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the life sciences and, we are committed to action toward ensuring that no one is marginalized in our classrooms or campus communities.