Carlock Award

Graduate students pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. in the biological sciences who intend to teach college biology are encouraged to apply for grants through ACUBE from the Carlock Award Fund.

While we appreciate the value of students presenting their scientific research at any venue, note that student presentations at ACUBE meetings should be geared towards educational research, assessment, or ideas.

If you are interested in being considered for the Carlock Award, please indicate this in the appropriate location when submitting your abstract.

Elias Miller - SUNY Binghamton
Nouran Amin - Perdue University
Mariah Maxwell - Syracuse University
All Wrapped Up In Reflection (Left to Right: Theluckshan Saseetharan, Natalie Wong, Aditi Bansal, Ayuni Ratnayake, Sapolnach Prompiengchai) - Biologcal Sciences - University of Toronto, Scarborough
Takunda Maisva - Syracuse University